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Hungarian MEPs of the Carpathian Basin commemorated the Rákóczi War of Independence in Șumuleu Ciuc/ Csíksomlyó

The 315th anniversary of the Rákóczi War of Independence was commemorated in Șumuleu Ciuc/ Csíksomlyó after the Pentecost Pilgrimage Holy Mass. Participants from all over the Carpathian Basin brought with them symbolically some ground and placed it in the Rákóczi Memorial,  as a sign of reuniting former Hungarian territories.


David McAllister visited headquarters of Hungarian minority party RMDSZ in Transylvania

"Although the situation of different autochthonous minorities varies extremely in the EU, it would be necessary to create a European legal framework. The European People's Party (EPP) will continue to keep minority protection on the European Union’s agenda" - said German MEP David McAllister on Thursday in Cluj-Napoca.


Winners of the My Transylvanian Trips competition awarded in Brașov/Brassó

The competition entitled My Transylvanian Trips encouraged students from Brașov/Brassó county to discover their surrounding region. MEP Csaba Sógor, member of the Romanian Parliament, Izabella Ambrus together with the RMDSZ organization and Youth Council in Brașov county organized the competition that attracted 66 students from 9 locations.


EPP supports students’ Business & Law professional days in Cluj-Napoca

Csaba Sógor spoke on Ongoing debates in the European Union on law and economy students’ Business & Law professional days in Cluj-Napoca, organized on 17 March for the 11th time by the Imre Mikó College. The event with the topic What does the future hold? was supported by the RMDSZ MEP and the EPP.


Minority subjects were on the agenda of the forum discussion in Miercurea Ciuc

European minority issues were on the agenda of the forum discussion organized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Bartalis János Christian Cultural Association. The event took place on Friday 16 March and RMDSZ MEP Csaba Sógor was invited as guest speaker. Another participant at the meeting was Miklós Soltész, Secretary of State from Hungary, responsible for religious, national and civil affairs.


Csaba Sógor in Mediaș: we need to hear the calling of the ’48 Revolution

“On your feet, magyar!” – wrote 170 years ago the Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi. This call has reached and mobilized every generation since, including us, today - said Csaba Sógor in his festive speech on the memorial event of the Hungarian National Day in Medgyes/Mediaș.


Csaba Sógor: Minority Safepack aims to achieve mandatory minority protection regulations in member states

Csaba Sógor thinks the situation of national minorities doesn’t draw enough attention because most of Western European countries have already settled majority-minority relations: there are acting conflict solving mechanisms, as well as several types of autonomies that ensure maintaining the identity of minorities.


Csaba Sógor: The Day of Hungarian Culture is an opportunity to rediscover our values

The Day of  Hungarian Culture (June 23) is an opportunity to rediscover our values and reevaluate our attitude towards preserving our linguistic, cultural and spiritual heritage - said Csaba Sógor in Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc during the award ceremony of the Németh Géza memorial prize.


Csaba Sógor: Signatures collected demonstrate our community’s problems are important

Supporting the Minority Safepack initiative can prove that the 50 million EU citizens that belong to an ethnic or linguistic minority group are facing specific issues - said Csaba Sógor in his presentation in Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc, Romania. The RMDSZ MEP thinks that the signatures demonstrate that our community’ problems are important and need to be considered more thoroughly by the EU. The minority protection problem cannot be treated solely as a member state issue. 


The RMDSZ organization of Cluj region held its delegate assembly in Izvorul Crișului

The 2017 annual RMDSZ delegate assembly of Cluj region was held in Izvorul Crișului/Körösfő on 25 November. “Three years ago I welcomed you as a newly elected local RMDSZ president, now I stand in front of you as a mayor. I trust that this assembly would be useful for all of us as we advance” said László Bódis.