Csaba Sógor: There is a need for Christian thinking and politics in Europe


"In this ever-changing and stressed Europe there is a need for Christian values, consistency and experience" - argued Csaba Sógor at the meeting of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Miercurea Ciuc. He expressed the need for the Hungarian community in Transylvania to live and grow in a Europe that is strong. He reasoned that if there is a problem with Europe, and if there is a problem with Brussels, it is so because a lot of Christians made the decision to abstain from politics, as if though politics was something sinful that should be avoided.

The MEP emphasized that when it comes to the future of Europe, according to Christian responsibility, we ought to plan for the long run, not only for the next four or five years. He added that this is the direction chosen by the Fidesz-KDNP alliance as well, together with whom they are working towards the goal of convincing Western MEPs that their task is not to invite everyone to Europe, but to aid the ones in need where they need it the most, to build a future for them in their home country.

Csaba Sógor said it is encouraging that in the case of a successful election the new President of the European Commission could be Manfred Weber, the leading nominee of the European People’s Party, for whom Christian values are a priority. “We have been working together for eleven years, he knows us well and is aware of the problems of our community. We are supporting him, because in addition to Christian values, the issue of minority protection is also important to him” - explained the MEP.

He reminded that this autumn a report has successfully gone through, where MEPs ask the European Commission to work out a directive, a common legislative framework and a monitorizing mechanism for the protection of minorities. The Minority Safepack is another step into this direction, which is going to be submitted to the next European Commission, meaning it makes a big difference who the next President of the Commission is going to be.