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Csaba Sógor in Aiud: we encourage everyone to be a godparent

“Today we draw attention to the need for devoted people. We are encouraging everyone to join this programme because families, talented young people and the Hungarian community in Transylvania as a whole have a lot to gain from it”, said Csaba Sógor on 24 November, Friday in the Bethlen Gábor College of Aiud, at the celebration of the “Godparent-programme” of the college.


The church of Cetatea de Baltă/Küküllővár was renovated

“In Transylvania we build churches and we fill them with life. We can show a good example to the whole of Europe by keeping our communities strong. We can prove that it is worth believing and rejoicing in the Lord”, said MEP Csaba Sógor in his celebratory speech in Cetatea de Baltă/Küküllővár at the consecrating service of the newly renovated church.


Csaba Sógor: the existance of offshore tax havens leads to the loss of citizens’ confidence

The database containing 13,4 million files about offshore investments, the so-called Paradise Papers case leaked in the beginning of November was on the agenda of the European Parliament’s plenary session this week, in Strasbourg. Csaba Sógor expressed his thoughts on the Tuesday debate: in the case of offshore tax havens beside state budgets it’s democracy and free market-economy that are most in danger. 


Prosperitas Vitae Association calls for early childhood development services’ improvement

Prosperitas Vitae Association called for the importance of early childhood development, services for children before reaching 3 years of age and the development of an early intervention network on the national level, on a roundtable discussion on early childhood development. The event was held on 10 November in Csíkszereda, with the involvment of the civil, professional and political sphere.


Szekler Women’s Conference held in Udvarhelyszék

The Conference of Women in Szeklerland organized by the Women’s Association in Udvarhelyszék of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania revolved around  the topic of tradition and modernity. 50 women participated in Homoródfürdő/ Băile Homorod on November 10 and 11, on the 4th edition of the conference. The event was supported by EPP MEP Csaba Sógor.


Equal treatment should not be a privilege in the European Union

"The situation and problems of European linguistic and ethnic minorities need more attention in the EU, especially if we consider that equal treatment is not a privilege but a right of every European citizen" - among others, this is a thought that is vigorously sustained by MEP Csaba Sógor and included in a new Opinion of the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament, of which he was the rapporteur. The LIBE Opinion also urges a more effective application of the European Citizens’ Initiative.


Csaba Sógor asked the European Commission to act on loopholes in EU legislation concerning minority protection

The loopholes in EU legislation concerning minority protection have clear negative consequences on the lives of millions of EU citizens. Therefore, acting on such longstanding omissions is as much a priority as monitoring the application of the EU law - argued Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament. In the Parliament session’s Thursday debate the politician of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania pointed out the shortcomings of the European minority protection in his speech on the report on monitoring the application of EU law in 2015.


Sustaining inner border controls represents a violation of Schengen

The European citizens who are directly affected by Schengen inner border controls are rightfully indignant - said MEP Csaba Sógor. The representative of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania took the floor during the Strasbourg plenary to claim: sustaining inner border controls represents a violation of one of the greatest achievements of the EU.  


Hate speech that incites against the Hungarian minority is getting more and more common in Romania

Hate speech that incites against the Hungarian minority is getting more and more common in Romania - said MEP Csaba Sógor during the plenary sessionof the European Parliament. According to the Romanian politician this fenomenon may make the political scene more tensioned than it already is and may freeze dialogue between the majority population and the Hungarian minority.


Celebrating Hungarian National Day October 23 in Canada

We are worthy of the memory of the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 only if we can overcome pusillanimity and selfishness and if we are able to celebrate and act together so that wherever we live in this world, we can stand as free Hungarians - said MEP Csaba Sógor in his speech in Montreal, where he celebrated October 23 with the Hungarian community.