The exhibition about king Matthias was opened on Sic Fest


The exhibition called The glorious days of the Hunyadi dynasty was opened with the occasion of the king Matthias memorial year on Summer University Sic Fest by MEP Csaba Sógor and Róbert Grüman, Vice-President of Covasna County Council.

The king Matthias memorial year was announced by the Hungarian government’s National Policy Secretariat for 2018, with the occasion of Matthias Hunyadi’s 575th birthday, as well as the 560th anniversary of the start of his governance.

In his opening speech MEP Sógor remembered king Matthias’s sense of commitment and sense of vocation. The RMDSZ MEP explained that king Matthias was only 15 when he became king, but he would listen very carefully to the elder’s advice. For his governance he prepared not just spiritually, but physically too, only this way he could be a relevant leader against strong political forces. King Matthias’s message for today’s youth is the importance of preparing for life both physically and spiritually - said Sógor. He emphasized that in his time king Matthias was very well aware of the threatening Turkish people and knew that his kingdom can only survive if he builds a strong empire. “Europe is in a similar situation. The danger is acknowledged in Eastern Europe, but in Western Europe there’s no real sense of fear concerning the Christian culture. In this context it is important to remember the life of king Matthias 560 years after the start of his governance” - argued Sógor.