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The LIBE Committee of the European Parliament accepted Csaba Sogor’s amendments. The debate is still going on about the objectives of the two most important European funds for the period of 2021-2027

During the development of the funding policy for the 2021-2027 cycle, the need for supporting rural areas of Transylvania has been expressed - declared MEP Csaba Sógor. A debate is taking place about the objectives of the two most important European funds: the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund. According to Csaba Sógor’s suggestions, the specific problems of Transylvania will also be taken into account.


The LIBE Committee of the EP calls for a framework convention about the protection of national minorities

On Wednesday the most comprehensive report on the protection of national minorities has been adopted by the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament. According to MEP Csaba Sógor, the report urges a number of problems that the Hungarian community in Romania faces day by day. The report confirms the need for a minority protection framework in the EU.


Csaba Sógor: The Romanian state fails to apply its own law

The EU should take a closer and more critical look at how the rule of law and the justice system function in Romania - said MEP Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament of Strasbourg, in the debate over the rule of law in Romania. The topic was also on the agenda of the extraordinary meeting of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) on Monday afternoon. First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans was also present.


Csaba Sogor: We called for 50 million euros to treat the damage caused by swine fever

MEP’s Csaba Sógor, Tamás Deutsch and Norbert Erdős initiative for the European Union to allocate 50 million euros for the damages caused by the African swine fever has been adopted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgets. The Committee on Budgets supported unanimously the proposal of the MEP’s on Wednesday. It is expected that the proposal would also be voted on the plenary session.


Csaba Sogor spoke up against the decree on Romanian language teaching of the Minister of Education

The decree of the Minister of Education on Romanian language teaching offends profoundly the children, parents and well-trained instructors of minority language - argued Csaba Sógor on Monday, during his one-minute speech at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


Craftsmen from Szeklerland at the HUNGAstRY festival in Brussels

Illustrious craftsmen of Szeklerland made the program of the HUNGAstRY festival in Brussels more colorful by presenting folkloric skill games and traditional crafts’ presentation. The traditional Hungarian values were presented in the capital of Europe by the artisans of the Artera Foundation with the support of Csaba Sógor.


Csaba Sógor: Years of minority protection activity starts to show results

The European Parliament is preparing a significant move to protect minorities: it would start to develop a mandatory European framework. At the LIBE committee hearing on this topic, Csaba Sógor presented the Romanian situation  and warned that currently the protection of minorities in the EU is subject to the goodwill of  Member States.


Szeklerland still holds many values and treasures

A photo exhibition has been opened in Strasbourg, presenting the szekler traditional crafts, its traditional countryside lifestyle and architectural culture. MEP Csaba Sógor has invited the exhibition of Harghita County Tradition Resource Center to be presented in the closing ceremony event of the European Parliamentary Association.


The EP would increase effectiveness of the fight against terrorism

In order to increase the effectiveness of the fight against terrorism, the European Parliament accepted on April 18 the Council of Europe’s recommendation to adopt a convention on the prevention of terrorism. Csaba Sógor, EPP responsible of the file also contributed to shaping the EP's opinion.


Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament: A successful citizens’ initiative confirms ethnic minorities expect solutions from the EU

The European Commission has to present legislative proposals on critical areas, as requested by the Minority Safepack initiative - said Csaba Sógor in Strasbourg.