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Csaba Sógor: The report of the Council of Europe on Romania needs to have consequences

The report on the application of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe evaluating Romania needs to have consequences. There is no doubt this member state severely violates its commitments on minority protection, undertaken at the time of EU accession - said Csaba Sógor during the miniplenary session in Brussels. 


Romanian justice system debated in the European Parliament

“The EU shouldn’t just evaluate the Romanian justice system from corruption point of view, but rather expect the rule of law to prevail, given the fact that the majority of citizens think that this is what the justice system lacks” - argued Csaba Sógor in Strasbourg in the debate about the Romanian justice system.


Csaba Sógor argued against geo-blocking audio-visual media content

“Citizens are offended when television providers limit access to a media service. Watching a sports game for instance shouldn’t be limited because of geocoding” - argued Csaba Sógor on the geo-blocking regulation voted on 6 February in the European Parliament. 


Celebrating 450 years from the Edict of Torda (1568)

The 450 year old historical event Edict of Torda (1568) was remembered in Brussels. On January 23 MEPs Csaba Sógor, Gyula Winkler and László Tőkés, together with the Hungarian Unitarian Church, organized a conference and opened an exhibition in the European Parliament.


There are strong links between the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the centenary of the Great Union of Romania

The theme of the European year in 2018 is Cultural Heritage, which similarly to the centenary of the Great Union of Romania from this year is an opportunity to present our Hungarian values and our community’s heritage that makes Europe more diverse - said Csaba Sógor, according to whom our cultural heritage is made of our religious traditions and national identity, but there are elements of collective European values as well. The topic was on the agenda of the European Parliament Wednesday evening.


Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament: The Romanian PM’s declarations intimidate minorities

A death threat has been made by the prime minister of Romania over the use of symbols, this proves how inaccurate the assumptions are that the country has exemplary minority protection policies - reacted Csaba Sógor Monday evening in the plenary session of the European Parliament to the statements of the socialist prime minister, Mihai Tudose.


Romanian citizens submitted the most petitions to the European Parliament

In a year’s time almost one hundred petitions were submitted to the European Parliament from Romania. Most complaints per inhabitant were submitted from this country. According to Csaba Sógor the number of petitions demonstrates that there are systemic problems in Romania, which call for the European Commission’s particular attention.


Csaba Sógor: expanding Schengen area cannot be delayed anymore

Romania and Bulgaria are ready to join the Schengen area. The citizens of the two countries have been waiting for years now to get a positive decision from the member state ministers responsible for internal affairs, pointed out Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament on Wednesday, during the debate about expanding Schengen to Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.


EU citizenship report deals with autochthonous minorities

The European Parliament accepted the 2017 annual report on EU citizenship, which, as a result of MEP Csaba Sógor’s contribution deals extensively with the protection of autochthonous minorities, too.


Csaba Sógor: Romania denies each day the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities

Instead of improvements, there seem to be more obstacles in Romania in facilitating the access into labor market of persons with disabilities. Recently the Romanian government adopted an emergency decree which removed an option that cost the jobs and livelihood of most of the around 2000 persons with disabilities - pointed out Csaba Sógor in Brussels, in the Thursday parliament debate about implementing the European disability strategy.