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Csaba Sógor on the ‘State of the Union’ speech of the European Commission President

We often witness that the national, autochthonous or linguistic minorities living on the territory of the European Union are discriminated against, this is why it is welcome that the president of the European Commission considers that we have to ensure a European Union of freedom, of equality of rights and of rule of law - Csaba Sógor reacted to Jean-Claude Junker’s ‘State of the Union’ speech in the European Parliament.


Csaba Sógor raised his voice again in the EP for the Catholic high school in Târgu Mureș

Yes, this is happening in the European Union, not somewhere in the third world - Csaba Sógor said in the European Parliament about the situation of the Roman Catholic Theological High School from Târgu Mureș. 


Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament: Violence against women is not a private matter!

This summer the European Union joined the Istanbul Convention - the members of the European Union debated about its implementation and monitoring on Monday afternoon in Strasbourg. In his speech Csaba Sógor MEP from RMDSZ stated that emphasis should be put not only on the fight against violence but on prevention and raising awareness too, because violence against women is not a private matter.


Csaba Sógor: we raise our voices in the matter of violence against women in Bucharest and in Brussels, too

Violence against women is a common phenomenon within the European Union, that’s why is it of a great importance to put the Istanbul Convention in practice - states a draft report of the European Parliament, which calls for further measures to make women dare to report their experiences, and make them know about their rights and opportunities, and encourage them to seek for help when abused.


Csaba Sógor reports to the European Parliament about instigations against Hungarians living in Romania

During the latest Romanian government crisis, almost the full spectrum of the Romanian political elite, alongside with leading press platforms started chauvinist instigations against Hungarians, which endangers Romanian democracy and inter-ethnic stability to a significant extent - informed Csaba Sógor the plenary of the European Parliament.


It is unacceptable that the situation of the minorities gets worse after the EU accession

Csaba Sógor spoke in favour of the rule of law mechanism at the interparliamentary meeting of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE). Referring to the recent events from Romania, the MEP also stressed: anti-minority manifestations make it increasingly urgent to develop a European-level control system that monitors and calls the Member States to account if they fail to respect the rule of law, democracy and fundamental human rights.


The EP would continue the convergence of the less-developed EU countries

Csaba Sógor, RMDSZ MEP spoke on cohesion policy and the importance of maintaining non-refundable EU funds after 2020 in Strasbourg.  In its resolution on the basic elements of post-2020 cohesion policy adopted on Tuesday, the EU decision-making body would continue to support the convergence of less developed EU countries. The resolution expresses firm opposition to any EU budget-related plan that would undermine cohesion policy.


Strengthening minority media should be a common European concern

With the participation of several experts from the Carpathian Basin a conference was held on the situation of Hungarian minority media on Wednesday, 7 June, in the European Parliament. The conference dealt with minority media in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine. 


National minorities need positive discrimination

Autochthonous national minorities need positive discrimination for genuine equal opportunities - said Csaba Sógor during the European Parliament's plenary on Wednesday evening. The DAHR representative expressed his opinion that the 2017 report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) does not deal with national minorities.


The success of the Minority SafePack will be the success of the European citizens, too

Like the President of the European Parliament, MEPs have to support the Minority SafePack initiative in the coming period - Csaba Sógor asked his fellow Members of the European Parliament.