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Csaba Sógor: Years of minority protection activity starts to show results

The European Parliament is preparing a significant move to protect minorities: it would start to develop a mandatory European framework. At the LIBE committee hearing on this topic, Csaba Sógor presented the Romanian situation  and warned that currently the protection of minorities in the EU is subject to the goodwill of  Member States.


Szeklerland still holds many values and treasures

A photo exhibition has been opened in Strasbourg, presenting the szekler traditional crafts, its traditional countryside lifestyle and architectural culture. MEP Csaba Sógor has invited the exhibition of Harghita County Tradition Resource Center to be presented in the closing ceremony event of the European Parliamentary Association.


The EP would increase effectiveness of the fight against terrorism

In order to increase the effectiveness of the fight against terrorism, the European Parliament accepted on April 18 the Council of Europe’s recommendation to adopt a convention on the prevention of terrorism. Csaba Sógor, EPP responsible of the file also contributed to shaping the EP's opinion.


Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament: A successful citizens’ initiative confirms ethnic minorities expect solutions from the EU

The European Commission has to present legislative proposals on critical areas, as requested by the Minority Safepack initiative - said Csaba Sógor in Strasbourg.


We reject discriminatory treatment of workers in the EU!

Press release by Ádám Kósa and Csaba Sógor

Several EPP MEP’s including Ádám Kósa (FIDESZ) and Csaba Sógor (RMDSZ) addressed a written question to the European Commission, in relation to Eastern European workers in Austria whose family members live in the country of origin. The action was necessary because the new Austrian government may apply measures on decreasing tax paying workers’ legitimate rights. In its response the response of the European Commission categorically rejects the discriminatory measures regarding the indexation of family allowances.


The European Parliament supports lagging regions catching up

The European Parliament accepted a resolution regarding the situation of lagging regions. The MEPs are asking the EU to continue to support cohesion policy, by ensuring the resources in the next budget cycle for lagging regions. In the opinion of Csaba Sógor it is in the interest of Romanian Hungarians that the EU continues to ensure resources for cohesion policy.


The exhibition on ‘Freedom of conscience and religion’ presented in Strasbourg

Following its opening in Bruxelles, the exhibition entitled The heritage of the Transylvanian freedom of conscience and religious tolerance was presented in Strasbourg. The panels provide information on the importance of the 1568 Edict of Torda and the foundation of the Unitarian Church.


Csaba Sógor: The report of the Council of Europe on Romania needs to have consequences

The report on the application of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe evaluating Romania needs to have consequences. There is no doubt this member state severely violates its commitments on minority protection, undertaken at the time of EU accession - said Csaba Sógor during the miniplenary session in Brussels. 


Romanian justice system debated in the European Parliament

“The EU shouldn’t just evaluate the Romanian justice system from corruption point of view, but rather expect the rule of law to prevail, given the fact that the majority of citizens think that this is what the justice system lacks” - argued Csaba Sógor in Strasbourg in the debate about the Romanian justice system.


Csaba Sógor argued against geo-blocking audio-visual media content

“Citizens are offended when television providers limit access to a media service. Watching a sports game for instance shouldn’t be limited because of geocoding” - argued Csaba Sógor on the geo-blocking regulation voted on 6 February in the European Parliament.