Csaba Sógor: We are trying to avoid the decrease of EU funds


“Our communities can only develop, if we are able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the European Union. Transylvania can only be developed with efficient local governments and their persistent work” - said Csaba Sógor. The RMDSZ MEP participated in the annual report on activities of Gheorgheni/Gyergyóremete town council. The council spent more than 4 million euros of EU funds on various local developments.

At the beginning of each year, the council of Gyergyóremete/ Gheorgheni city organizes the annual report on activities event with the participation of the local community. The aim is to take achievements into account, discuss future plans and find solutions to emerging problems. The RMDSZ MEP emphasized in his speech at the event: his activity at the European Union focuses on the effective elimination of differences between Eastern and Western Europe, on dealing with the double standard phenomenon, as well as the better application of minority rights.

Csaba Sógor reported that the EP is already working on the objectives of the EU funds for the period of 2021-2027, including the objectives of EU funds available in the next budget cycle through the Ministries in Bucharest. “We participated actively in the debate on the most important European funds. We have succeeded in submitting and adopting a number of amendments to the European Parliament that set out the interests of Hungarians living in Transylvania, that of rural areas, as well as the reduction of disparities between regions. Our task in Brussels is to stand up for these subsidies in order to maintain available EU funds with the help of which we are able to develop our communities”- explained Csaba Sógor, who thinks Gyergyóremete is a good example for building a future in Romania through persistent work and take the opportunities of the EU.

“Working on EU tenders require a different attitude, different planning, hard work, yet flexibility, but it is worth the effort, as these funds offer great opportunities for development, and they constitute an excellent learning process for a local government”- says Elemér Laczkó-Albert, the mayor of Gyergyóremete/ Gheorgheni.

The Mayor’s Office is currently managing several EU projects in Gyergyóremete. They are planning for further modernization of the water supply network and sewerage, rebuilding forest roads, they already estabilished a nursery and successfully applied for funds to renovate the town’s cultural house. One of their requests for EU funds submitted for renovation and construction of sidewalks is still under consideration.