Csaba Sógor: Moral crisis makes the EU vulnerable


“Europe is more than a simple financial or economic issue. Thinking about the past three years and the immigration situation, we realize that the EU is vulnerable not because of its economic but its moral crisis”- said Csaba Sogor in Borszék, where he was invited to talk about Europe’s past, current and future challenges. 

With the participation of five European countries, 1-6 August the meeting of sister cities was organised at Borszék, as part of Borszék City Days. On Saturday, 5 August, at an event at the treatment center under construction, Csaba Sógor gave a lecture about EU related issues.

Regarding the history of the EU, the RMDSZ MEP summarized shortly: after World War II, the creators of the Union believed that if they bound an acceptable business bargain over major energy carriers, it will bring peace to Europe. In the meantime, they realized that Europe is not only about money, idea which seems to be sustained by the moral crisis felt these days. The MEP pointed out two key factors, that fuelled the moral crisis across Europe. On the one hand, take Europe’s welfare society, where generations have been raised wanting to live by the same high standards as their ancestors, without wanting to work hard for it. On the other hand, the ideal of the community, the entity of the family seems to break, which, as a matter of fact, was able to prosper Europe for centuries.

Csaba Sógor thinks that in the EU, along with the North-South breakline, the East-West differences also seem to be more and more visible, which makes staid dialogue even more important. “We have forgotten how war looks like and we seem to have gotten tired of peace, which the Union created in Europe. However, in this globalized world, when facing powerful countries of the world, little European nations’ only chance is to cooperate, make plans and act together”- explained the MEP. He believes that beside the migration issue, another major challenge is pressing Europe: in the future, there should be more emphasis on fighting climate change, a dangerous transformation that can be felt on or own skin.