Csaba Sógor: the power of small communities can save Transylvania and Europe


The power of small communities can save Transylvania and Europe Csaba Sógor in Tărcești/Tarcsafalva, at the local Unitarian church on Sunday, 2 September.
The RMDSZ MEP reminded the audience: the 450th anniversary of the freedom of religion, together with the Unitarian Church was launched this year to emphasize the importance of the church in Europe. 

According to Csaba Sógor, it is not the stones nor the money spent on the church renovation, but the spiritual strength of the praying Christians that can keep this community, as it is quite obvious that the power of small communities can save Transylvania and Europe. “As a former church-builder, I am wishing you that the power of God, and the Gospel would guide you every day”- he stated.

After thirteen years of waiting, the community of Tarcsfalva could return to its sacred space on Sunday. Thanks to the great support of the Hungarian government and individual donations, with the consent of Harghita County Council, after seven months of waiting for the permit and one year of continuous construction, the old church was completely restored and the belfry was also modernized. Local people and descendants gathered to inaugrate  the church, where Unitarian bishop Ferenc Bálint Benczédi spoke. He reminded that prayer has the power to enrich the soul, especially when families and churches pray together. Nobody can fill this role of the church.

Ferenc Mikó local Unitarian pastor said: this congregation has always been building and could always join forces, as it is already the fourth church of the community. 2016  when he started his ministry  the 174 members needed a home, so they decided to seek for supporters, designers and contractors to renew the old church.

In his speech, vice-president of the Harghita County Council, Barna Botond Bíró said that this work was brought off by the community, therefore we owe them the primary gratitude.