Csaba Sógor: We must create equal opportunities in all areas of life, based on Christian values


More than a hundred women participated in the 5th Conference of Women in Szeklerland, held in Gyergyóremete/Remetea. The host and organizer of the event was the RMDSZ Regional Women’s Organization in Gyergyó. The two days event of the women from Szeklerland region had the topic Woman of a thousand faces which was approached from the point of view of both genders.

Csaba Sógor supported again this year the meeting with the help of the European People’s Party fund. The RMDSZ MEP held a presentation called Women’s chances in the European decision-making. Sógor shared that currently the European Parliament has a proportion of 37.3 %  female MEP’s. “Conservative and Christian Democratic ideologies address the issue of equal opportunities as well, approaching women’s right issues from several angles. We believe that chances of women have to be increased not only in the area of politics, but in all areas of life” - emphasized the MEP.

Csaba Sógor pointed out that European directives suggest equal opportunities should start with balance between work and private life. “All types of discrimination on grounds of gender are prohibited in the EU. No one should be discriminated in the labour market in case of pregnancy. Moreover, it is forbidden to ask about women’s intentions regarding family planning. Women have to raise their voices in these situations” - he said.

The MEP addressed the issue of wage differences, notedly that men receive higher payment for the same work than women. This phenomenon is a challenging one at a European level. He emphasized the importance of the forum established by the RMDSZ Women’s Organization, where these topics can be brought up and discussed. Changes can only happen if public awareness is made at the level of the society. “As the result of women’s manifestations, men talk about the issue as well” - said Sógor.

According to Csaba Sógor, European societies have not solved the issue of gender equality just yet. Europe faces new challenges on this field as cultural differences seem to hinder the process. He believes it is important to strengthen Christian core values in our home country and at a European level. “We must create equal opportunities in all areas of life, which are based on Christian values”- said the MEP from Transylvania.