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Conference on the researches conducted at the Sándor Manor in Văcărești

The findings of the research conducted at the Sándor Manor were discussed within a mini conference held on July 7th in Văcărești.


Discussions on EU financing opportunities and EU 2020 priorities at Remetea

Csaba Sógor met with local administration leaders and civil servants in Remetea. MP Moldován József and Tímea Veres-Nagy form the PONT group were also present at the event organised by the local administration on Friday.


Discussions on the changing Europe at the 10th EU Camp

DAHR MEPs Csaba Sógor and Iuliu Winkler held presentations on the topic of the changing Europe on Friday, at the 10th EU Camp organized by the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania at Izvorul Muresului. The debate, entitled New Europe Now! – Let’s build it together, was opened by DAHR senator and president of the Kós Károly Akadémia Foundation, Markó Béla.


Csaba Sógor on the Tavares report

“I did not vote for the report.  It draws exaggerated conclusions from questionable facts. The proposals in the document are imprecise and unfeasible. The text is improved though, compared to the original. There is no need to send the report to the External Affairs Office of the USA government; they have already seen it through PRISM.


Csaba Sógor congratulated Guillermo Fariñas on his achievements

In 2010 the European Parliament granted the Sacharov Prize (founded in 1988 to honour individuals or organisations fighting for human rights and freedom of thought) to Cuban freedom fighter Guillermo Fariñas. The authorities in Cuba prohibited Fariñas from travelling outside the country to the award ceremony. Therefore, at the event held in Strasbourg three years ago his absence was symbolised through an empty chair covered by the Cuban flag.


Strong partnership for an effective political representation of young Hungarians in Transylvania

The Hungarian Youth Council of Romania (HYCR) held its extraordinary board meeting in Brussels. The leaders of the HYCR were hosted by MEP Gyula Winkler and Csaba Sógor between the 24th and the 26th of June.  Tuesday, on the 25th, the board of the youth organisation met with the DAHR MEPs of the European Parliament in order to take stock of the ten years of cooperation between the two organisations and to discuss the common agenda. 


The citizens of Gheorgheni encouraged by Csaba Sógor to be actively involved in the matters of their community

Saturday, 22nd of June, DAHR MEP Csaba Sógor talked about the European Citizens’ Initiative, the European cohesion policy, and Europe’s economic and social challenges at Gheorgheni. Institutional and church leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs and NGO representatives were present at the event held at the Pro Art Gallery, hosted by the territorial organisation of the DAHR.


Preserving language diversity demands a constant struggle in most member states

DAHR MEP Csaba Sógor organised a conference on language diversity Tuesday, 18th of June at the European Parliament. The guest speakers of the conference were independent Irish expert, Dónall Ó Riagáin, and Catalan professor, Miquel Strubell.


Graduation at the Sapientia University of Cluj-Napoca

The graduation ceremony of the Sapientia University of Cluj-Napoca was held on Saturday, 8th of June, at the reformed church from the M. Kogãlnicealnu street in Cluj-Napoca. DAHR MEP Csaba Sógor was present at the event rewarding the best student of the promotion with a study trip to Brussels.


Csaba Sógor discussed EU issues with mayors in Mures County

DAHR MEP Csaba Sógor met with mayors and local administration employees from Mureș County to discuss current European Union issues and EU funding opportunities. The meeting series hosted by the local territorial organisation of the DAHR took place on the 7th and 8th of June on three locations: Sângeorgiu de Pãdure, Târgu Mureș and Târnãveni.