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Alarming poverty statistics

The EP’s plenary session in October saw the MEPs debate, amongst others, the results of the European Year of Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion and the possibility of creating databases about racial and ethnical origins in the EU.


Happy 20th Anniversary, Organization of Csángó-Hungarians of Moldova !

The Organization of the Csángó-Hungarians of Moldva (MCMSZ) celebrates its twentieth anniversary on October 20 and next year will be ten years since the Council of Europe issued its recommendations about the Csango culture.


A truly united Europe can be achieved only through balanced economic development

The European Parliament (EP) held its plenary sitting in Brussels on 6-7 October with the focus on the refinement of the economic, social and cohesion policies.


Csaba Sógor: Every Hungarian is responsible for every Hungarian

The situation and problems of Transylvanian sparse Hungarians was the subject of the two-day conference organized by the Harghita County Council and the Unitarian Church in Turda on 8-9 October.


About our nation’s day of mourning in the EP

Csaba Sógor:  The Hungarian nation’s desire for freedom never had boundaries.


Saint Mary's Pilgrim Road will have a Transylvanian section

A conference was held at MC between 1-3 October that centered around the Transylvanian section of the Saint Mary's Pilgrim Road. Religious, public and political personalities shared their insights about the pilgrim and tourist route about to be concretized.


MEP Csaba Sogor was the guest of Political Science Students' Camp in Rimetea

Political Culture and Political Action was the main theme of the camp organized by The Hungarian Political Science Students' Association from Cluj-Napoca (KOMPOT) and The Hungarian Political Science Association of Romania (POLITEIA), a study camp aimed at young Political Scientists and students of the field.


The EC should act more strictly when member states fail to fulfill their obligations

Csaba Sógor spoke about the Roma issue in the European Parliament.


Csaba Sógor and Gyula Winkler welcomed the winners of EU-contests

The two MEPs welcomed a group of Hungarian youth from Transylvania to the European Parliament between 27 and 29 of September. The group of 47 consisted of the winners of the Karrier Express contest from the EU Camp and of the webEU contest from the website.


Positive EP vote on Csaba Sógor’s report

MEP voted 382 for, 250 against and 23 abstentions on the report about the readmission agreement between the EU and Pakistan on September 21st at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.