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Csaba Sógor: We must show our values in Europe!

On 29 March RMDSZ launched its electoral campaign for the European Parliament elections at Odorheiu Secuiesc.


Lecture held by Csaba Sógor in Zalău

At the invitation of the Hungarian Cultural Society of Transylvania (EMKE) of Zalău MEP Csaba Sógor held a lecture at the association in front of a full house on Friday afternoon. The MEP from Transylvania talked about the subject of minority protection but also about the importance of voting at the EP elections.


Csaba Sógor at Piatra Niergeș

On the occasion of the commemoration of the revolution and freedom fight of 1848-1849, Csaba Sógor held speeches and laid wreaths at the festivities organised in Piatra Niergeș and Miercurea Ciuc. The RMDSZ MEP’s speech from Piatra Niergeș:


Meeting between students and Csaba Sógor

Invited at the communication workshop organised by the Hungarian University from Transylvania – Sapientia between 11-14 March, MEP Csaba Sógor talked about the lobby in Brussels in favour of Transylvania and Szeklerland as well as about the future challenges of the European Union.   


Support signatures collected by Csaba Sógor in Miercurea Ciuc

“The Hungarians from Romania must be represented in the European Parliament, otherwise the decisions will be taken without us. If there are no Hungarian MEPs from Romania in the EP, Western Europe will consider either that Hungarians do not have any weight in Romania, or that they do not wish to decide their own destiny.”


Breton Publishing House’s Books on Transylvania in Strasbourg

At the European Parliament’s Intergoup for minorities’ session of 13 March, the main two topics of discussion were the changes in the functioning mechanism of the South Tyrolean autonomy system in the current difficult economic times and the popularization of the Éditions Armeline publishing house from Brittany, focused exclusively on national minority related topics.


The European Parliament demands the peaceful resolution of the Crimean conflict

Through a resolution adopted on Thursday, 13 March, the European Parliament called on Russia to peacefully solve the crisis from Ukraine, fully respecting principles and obligations set out in the international law. The motion, which also addresses the protection of minority rights, was also supported by MEP Csaba Sógor.


Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament on the autonomy aspirations of Szeklerland

On the day of the Szeklers’ demonstration for autonomy, MEP Csaba Sógor also took the opportunity to talk about the message of the Day of Szekler Freedom on the March plenary session of the European Parliament. The MEP from RMDSZ declared that there are numerous unfinished issues concerning the situation of Hungarians living in Romania, reason for which the community demands a dialogue from the Romanian government.


Equality between men and women discussed in the European Parliament

”We need family policy measures, too for solving the problem of inequality between men and women”, highlighted MEP Csaba Sógor in the debate concerning the report of his collegue, Inês Cristina Zuber, presented in the European Parliament on 10 March. 


The observance of minority rights – a basic condition for the rapprochement between Europe and Ukraine

On 27 February the European Parliament adopted a resolution regarding the situation in Ukraine. In the explanation of his vote, MEP Csaba Sógor pointed out that in times of crises, the importance of balanced interethnic relations grows exponentially. In his opinion, the respect towards the cultures and linguistic rights of national minorities must play a significant role in the system of conditionalities set up in exchange for EU support.