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Sándor Kőrösi Csoma commemorated in his native village

The death of Sándor Csoma de Kőrös was commemorated for the twenty-fifth time through a series of events organised between 10 and 12 April in his native village of Chiuruș and in the city of Covasna. At the closure of the events Csaba Sógor praised in his speech Csoma’s devotion to his religion and his nation.


European values encouraged in the “Education Otherwise” programme from Gheorgheni

This year, the organisers of the „Education Otherwise” programme from Gheorgheni tried to promote European values, cultural diversity and mutual respect among nations.


National meeting of RMPSZ delegates

This year the Hungarian Pedagogues’ Union of Romania, (RMPSZ) held its annual meeting on 5 April in Sovata, where it discussed and evaluated its activity from the recent years. Also present at the meeting were MEP Csaba Sógor, state secretary for education, András György Király and Tivadar Magyari, deputy secretary of RMDSZ, responsible for education.


Autonomy exists only where there is autonomous thinking

On 4 April, at the invitation of the youth organisation of the Christian-Democrat Platform of RMDSZ from Sfântu Gheorghe, Csaba Sógor held a lecture on topics such as current EU affairs, the activity of the European Parliament and the rights of European citizens.


Famous Hungarian travellers and explorers remembered in Brussels

At the initiative of MEP Csaba Sógor, Dr. János Kubassek and Zoltán Bujna held on 1 April a presentation entitled ”Eastern Moments” that was accompanied by projections at the Balassi Institute from Brussels. The happening preceded the festive inauguration on 2 April by the Hungarian MEP from Transylvania of the exhibition entitled ”Points of contact – Hungarian travellers and explorers”.


Csaba Sógor: We must show our values in Europe!

On 29 March RMDSZ launched its electoral campaign for the European Parliament elections at Odorheiu Secuiesc.


Lecture held by Csaba Sógor in Zalău

At the invitation of the Hungarian Cultural Society of Transylvania (EMKE) of Zalău MEP Csaba Sógor held a lecture at the association in front of a full house on Friday afternoon. The MEP from Transylvania talked about the subject of minority protection but also about the importance of voting at the EP elections.


Csaba Sógor at Piatra Niergeș

On the occasion of the commemoration of the revolution and freedom fight of 1848-1849, Csaba Sógor held speeches and laid wreaths at the festivities organised in Piatra Niergeș and Miercurea Ciuc. The RMDSZ MEP’s speech from Piatra Niergeș:


Meeting between students and Csaba Sógor

Invited at the communication workshop organised by the Hungarian University from Transylvania – Sapientia between 11-14 March, MEP Csaba Sógor talked about the lobby in Brussels in favour of Transylvania and Szeklerland as well as about the future challenges of the European Union.   


Support signatures collected by Csaba Sógor in Miercurea Ciuc

“The Hungarians from Romania must be represented in the European Parliament, otherwise the decisions will be taken without us. If there are no Hungarian MEPs from Romania in the EP, Western Europe will consider either that Hungarians do not have any weight in Romania, or that they do not wish to decide their own destiny.”