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Tibet related protests in front of the EP

The International Campaign for Tibet Association, along with Brussels based Tibetan, expatriates organized a day-long series of events, including fasting and prayer, in front of the European Parliament on the 9th of November and demanding  for minority rights of  the Tibetan community in China to be respected.


Retail payment services in the EU - the Citizen's right to choose?

Irish liberal MEP Marian Harkin organized on the 8th of November, 2011 a hearing in the European Parliament about the framework about retail payment services in the EU with the attendance of EU decision makers, representatives of financial institutions and NGOs. MEP Csaba Sógor also attended the event.


“People need to have a sense of care, solidarity and trust” – Csaba Sógor’s visit to Bistrita

DAHR’s MEP Csaba Sógor met with young people, teachers and public servants at the meeting held on the 5th of November at the Hungarian House in Bistrita in order to discuss current EU issues, funding opportunities and the problems of Hungarians living in inter-ethnic environment in Transylvania.


Start of the Transylvanian Hungarian Civic Consultation

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania has started a series of public consultations under the title Transylvanian Hungarian Civic Consultation, in order to implicate Hungarian non-governmental organizations from Transylvania into the legislative process, because it is important that the practical experience of these organizations to be reflected by the legislation as well.


Focus on social issues

On the 25th of October MEPs unanimously voted Dr. Ádám Kósa’s report on mobility and inclusion of people with disabilities and the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020. The report commonly known as the one for an „inclusive society” has a wide support and has been debated by the employment committee of the European Parliament.


EP-debate about the situation in Tibet, Egypt and Syria

The closing moment of the plenary sessions of the European Parliament is constituted by the debate of the situation in third countries under the title Debates on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.


„We can draw strength from out forefathers’ resistance” – MEP Csaba Sógor visited the birth place of his father

MEP Csaba Sógor was the guest of the fourth edition of the Harvest Festival in Dobra. On the 22nd of October, the village became the meeting point of locals and those who have left the village.


MEP Herbert Dorfmann presented the South-Tyrolean model at the European Discussion Nights

South-Tyrolean MEP Herbert Dorfmann was MEP Csaba Sógor’s guest at the last edition of the European Discussion Nights. As it is known, DAHR’s MEP Csaba Sógor started the European Discussion Nights one year ago in order to invite foreign MEPs to Transylvania.


Sógor: the result of the census will define our life in the next ten years

DAHR’s Census Caravan visited Mures County last week before the census in Romania. The Caravan reached Iernut and Ludus on the 21st of October. During public forums organized here DAHR’s MEP Csaba Sógor and DAHR’s Deputy Secretary General István Székely emphasized the importance of the upcoming census for ethnic Hungarians in Romania.


The fate of the Szekler Sabbatarian community, presented in Brussels

DAHR’s MEP Csaba Sógor organized a debate about the fate of the Szekler Sabbatarian community and the issues of minority identity on the 18th of October in Brussels at the Balassi Institute. The MEP’s guests were the Transylvanian author of the book that gave the title of the debate, Géza Szávai who has been living in Budapest since 1988, Breton university professor Bernard Le Calloc'h, Romanian deputy Prime Minister and poet Béla Markó and Gyula Miholcsa, editor of the Hungarian programs of the Romanian Television.