Csaba Sogor: We called for 50 million euros to treat the damage caused by swine fever


MEP’s Csaba Sógor, Tamás Deutsch and Norbert Erdős initiative for the European Union to allocate 50 million euros for the damages caused by the African swine fever has been adopted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgets. The Committee on Budgets supported unanimously the proposal of the MEP’s on Wednesday. It is expected that the proposal would also be voted on the plenary session.

In Romania, Satu Mare county has registered the first appearance of the epidemic in 2017. According to data published by the Romanian Veterinary and Food Safety Authority, the African swine fever now affects 13 countries and 227 settlements. Especially the Eastern and South-Eastern counties are affected by the outbreak, but animals were also infected in two other counties in Partium, besides Satu Mare county, the epidemic also got to Bihor and Sălaj counties. Due to the outbreak, 311,869 swines have been put down in Romania.

RMDSZ MEP Csaba Sogor stressed the importance of getting aid from the EU to control the damage. the whole Romanian  economy is affected by the hundreds of swines that had to be put down. “With my MEP colleagues we have proposed that the EU would allocate 50 million euros from its 2019 budget, in order to deal with the African swine fever that caused economic damages in Romania. Once approved by the Committee on Budget, we expect that our proposal will pass through the plenary votes without any obstructions”- declared Sógor. The RMDSZ’s position is that the parties shouldn’t negotiate on this topic, to be able to find a quick and effective solution for the current threat and prevent further damages.

Following the decision of the Committee on Budgets, the plenary will most probably adopt the resolution on the EU Budget for 2019, by the end of October. Negotiations follow with the Council, which are expected to find common ground by the end of November.