Csaba Sogor spoke up against the decree on Romanian language teaching of the Minister of Education


The decree of the Minister of Education on Romanian language teaching offends profoundly the children, parents and well-trained instructors of minority language - argued Csaba Sógor on Monday, during his one-minute speech at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

“In several member states today is the start of the new school year. In Romania a decree of the Minister of Education was issued a few days before, which causes significant changes regarding children who study in Hungarian. The state language will no longer be taught by their familiar elementary teacher, who speaks their mother tongue, but by a specialized teacher from high-school classes”- explained the MEP from Transylvania.

Csaba Sógor thinks this situation is absurd, as the implementation of the regulation seems impossible due to lack of manpower. Thereby, the Minister of Education created a confusing situation for thousands of elementary schoolchildren, without even taking the time to listen to any professional or political advice.

“This is an unprofessional and malicious decision, a profound offence to children learning in a minority language, not to mention their parents and well-trained teachers” - argued the MEP, who thinks that this kind of decision-making process is representative to the Romanian authorities, that neglected to make a prior assessment and skipped dialog with interest groups. Sógor explained: the only solution is the revocation of the regulation followed by an apology.