We reject discriminatory treatment of workers in the EU!


Press release by Ádám Kósa and Csaba Sógor

Several EPP MEP’s including Ádám Kósa (FIDESZ) and Csaba Sógor (RMDSZ) addressed a written question to the European Commission, in relation to Eastern European workers in Austria whose family members live in the country of origin. The action was necessary because the new Austrian government may apply measures on decreasing tax paying workers’ legitimate rights. In its response the response of the European Commission categorically rejects the discriminatory measures regarding the indexation of family allowances.

As known, the intended modifications of the Austrian government would decrease the family allowances of 132.000 children residing in the country of origin, whose parents legally work in Austria. The Commission confirmed the arguments of the MEP’s that the allowances of children of workers that practice their right of free movement, who reside in another member state must be the same as those of children of local workers.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights forbids the direct or indirect discrimination of workers on the basis of their nationality. The preliminary measures of the Austrian government are inacceptable taking into consideration the fact that the parents of the affected children pay their taxes and contributions entirely to the Austrian budget, not to mention that the families are not benefiting from the publicly financed services (education, culture, health services etc.).