The exhibition on ‘Freedom of conscience and religion’ presented in Strasbourg


Following its opening in Bruxelles, the exhibition entitled The heritage of the Transylvanian freedom of conscience and religious tolerance was presented in Strasbourg. The panels provide information on the importance of the 1568 Edict of Torda and the foundation of the Unitarian Church.

The exhibition was opened by Dávid Gyerő, deputy bishop and president of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists and Balint Róbert Zoltán, Unitarian councilor from Cluj-Napoca.
“These days when we have to fight each day for our rights that often exist only on paper, it is nice to remember that Transylvania used to be at the forefront of ensuring freedom of religion and showed good example by offering an ingenious solution to the pressing problems of the society of the time” - said Csaba Sógor in his opening speech.