There are strong links between the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the centenary of the Great Union of Romania


The theme of the European year in 2018 is Cultural Heritage, which similarly to the centenary of the Great Union of Romania from this year is an opportunity to present our Hungarian values and our community’s heritage that makes Europe more diverse - said Csaba Sógor, according to whom our cultural heritage is made of our religious traditions and national identity, but there are elements of collective European values as well. The topic was on the agenda of the European Parliament Wednesday evening.

The European Commission declared 2018 the Year of Cultural Heritage in order to celebrate cultural diversity on a European, member state, regional and local level, to strengthen our sense of belonging to Europe and to familiarize Europe’s cultural heritage with a wider audience. 

“In times when cultural memory and heritage are in the process of revitalization, when a lot of Europeans ask what our identity actually means, it is important to stand up for the values that are common to us - humanism, renaissance or religious freedom - declared for the first time in Turda -, but also what makes us stand out” - said the MEP in his speech.