Csaba Sógor: Romania denies each day the fundamental rights of persons with disabilities


Instead of improvements, there seem to be more obstacles in Romania in facilitating the access into labor market of persons with disabilities. Recently the Romanian government adopted an emergency decree which removed an option that cost the jobs and livelihood of most of the around 2000 persons with disabilities - pointed out Csaba Sógor in Brussels, in the Thursday parliament debate about implementing the European disability strategy.

The European Union counts 80 million people who live with some kind of disability. A large scale of these citizens live in significantly higher poverty circumstances due to the fact that they cannot contribute properly to the society, nor the economy. According to statistics only 25% of persons with disabilities can access labor market.

As reported by MEP Csaba Sógor, the Romanian system has a deficiency: persons with disabilities, who are in good health condition, are directed towards benefit schemes instead of receiving the support needed to enter the workforce, according to their abilities. 

The politician from Transylvania asked the Union’s decision-makers to implement the UNCRPD on rights of persons with disabilities, improve EU coordination and urgently put in place support measures in all EU Member States.