Csaba Sógor raised his voice again in the EP for the Catholic high school in Târgu Mureș


Yes, this is happening in the European Union, not somewhere in the third world - Csaba Sógor said in the European Parliament about the situation of the Roman Catholic Theological High School from Târgu Mureș. 

„In Romania the school year started today, but in the city with a half-Romanian half-Hungarian population this was preceded by even greater chaos than usual”, Csaba Sógor presented the situation to his fellow MEPs. As he said, the cause of the chaos is that for almost a year now the situation of the local Hungarian school founded by the Roman Catholic Church was uncertain and now it practically ceased to exist because of the systematic harassment of different state authorities. This is why hundreds of children could start the new school year only within another institution.  

„I spoke to you about this months ago, but try imagine the situation when, in a case of an administrative issue, the feared anticorruption prosecutors are investigating the site of the school and interrogate parents about why they enrolled their children to the Catholic school”, he stressed out.

Csaba Sógor warned the legislators that if we speak about the rule of law, than we have to acknowledge that this is what the parents from Târgu Mureș feel from the rule of law that is supposedly a founding principle of the European Union.