Csaba Sógor: we raise our voices in the matter of violence against women in Bucharest and in Brussels, too


Violence against women is a common phenomenon within the European Union, that’s why is it of a great importance to put the Istanbul Convention in practice - states a draft report of the European Parliament, which calls for further measures to make women dare to report their experiences, and make them know about their rights and opportunities, and encourage them to seek for help when abused.

The draft report, which was discussed and approved by the Parliamentary Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) on 11 July afternoon, contains the additions and amendments by RMDSZ MEP Csaba Sógor.

As a result of the amendments made by Csaba Sógor, the draft report also points out that according to the gender equality index, equality between men and women has not yet been fully implemented in any EU country, and points out that violence against women often results from these inequalities. These social phenomena obviously hinder the victims' access to work, which negatively affects the financial independence of women. "In order to improve the effectiveness of measures to combat violence against women, we have called for action to address gender-based economic inequalities and to promote women's economic autonomy by Member States and the EU”, explains Csaba Sógor.

According to Csaba Sógor, it is very important that thanks to the RMDSZ Women's Organization, the issue of violence against women - which has been a taboo question for years - is on the agenda in Romania, and also among the Hungarians of Romania. "Every third woman in Europe has been subjected to physical or sexual violence, and every twentieth woman was a victim of rape. The data is daunting, and our common task is to encourage women at local level to seek for help. At the same time, both in the Romanian and in the European Parliament, we are trying to develop legislation to protect women who are victims of violence, and to have them implemented at national level", said the Transylvanian MEP. 

The draft report - which is expected to be adopted on the European Parliament’s plenary in September - focuses on the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and urges the member states to implement its content as soon as possible. "By joining the convention, the Union can become a more effective global player in the enforcement of women's rights," sums up the MEP.