Csaba Sógor reports to the European Parliament about instigations against Hungarians living in Romania


During the latest Romanian government crisis, almost the full spectrum of the Romanian political elite, alongside with leading press platforms started chauvinist instigations against Hungarians, which endangers Romanian democracy and inter-ethnic stability to a significant extent - informed Csaba Sógor the plenary of the European Parliament.

The European Parliament is conducting its current session between 3-6 July in Strasbourg. In his one-minute speech, Csaba Sógor called the attention of his fellow representatives to the recent instigations against Hungarians in Romania. “They were most probably looking to procrastinate the solution of a political crisis, however, in the meantime they managed to create hostility in the Romanian public against the autochthonous Hungarian minority” - explained the RMDSZ-representative.

Csaba Sógor added: In addition to the extremist views expressed by opposition leaders, journalists embarked upon a disinformation campaign using different news channels, depicting Hungarians living in the country entirely falsely or in other cases, presenting legitimate requests to respect the obligations assumed by the country with the ratification of international treaties as unconstitutional.

“Refusal of dialogue will never solve frictions between the majority and the minority, a fact European nations have unfortunately witnessed many times”, he stressed. Csaba Sógor expressed hope that the Romanian majority will be willing to discuss openly with minorities, and that if they do so, they would find always partners in the Hungarian community. This might give rise to a “new beginning in the Romanian-Hungarian relations”.