EPP supports students’ Business & Law professional days in Cluj-Napoca


Csaba Sógor spoke on Ongoing debates in the European Union on law and economy students’ Business & Law professional days in Cluj-Napoca, organized on 17 March for the 11th time by the Imre Mikó College. The event with the topic What does the future hold? was supported by the RMDSZ MEP and the EPP.

The politician spoke about the near future, offering an overview about ongoing debates in the European Union. He talked about changes expected in the next years, such as those brought by elections to the European Parliament in 2019 and the start on the new budget cycle. “The EU institutions need to come to common ground after Brexit” - emphasized the MEP.

Regarding the distant future, trends are obviously showing that robots and artificial intelligence will rule. These topics are more and more on the agenda of the EP, like regulations on using drones that raise many political and ethical questions. “Humanity has always strived towards safety, so it would be essential to find solutions to famine, lack of water, diseases, environment pollution or war” - concluded Sógor.