Minority subjects were on the agenda of the forum discussion in Miercurea Ciuc


European minority issues were on the agenda of the forum discussion organized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Bartalis János Christian Cultural Association. The event took place on Friday 16 March and RMDSZ MEP Csaba Sógor was invited as guest speaker. Another participant at the meeting was Miklós Soltész, Secretary of State from Hungary, responsible for religious, national and civil affairs.

Evangelical bishop Zoltán Dezső Adorjáni, chief patron of the event, emphasized: the minority issue is in the spotlight again as the Minority Safepack initiative is coming to a deadline. “It’s in our interest that the European Union would have a say regarding minority protection issues, to work out a framework legislation that is mandatory in every member state” - explained MEP Csaba Sógor, according to whom signing the Minority Safepack initiative demonstrates the EU that the protection of national minorities cannot be treated solely as a member state issue.

Miklós Soltész added: the Hungarian government trusts Romanian leadership would realize there’s no need for a hostile relationship between the two countries, not to mention that Europe as a whole would benefit from a cooperative attitude. “The Romanian government, instead of seeing in Hungarians of Romania a huge asset, it often tries to enforce its will on the minority population” - said Soltész.