Csaba Sógor in Mediaș: we need to hear the calling of the ’48 Revolution


“On your feet, magyar!” – wrote 170 years ago the Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi. This call has reached and mobilized every generation since, including us, today - said Csaba Sógor in his festive speech on the memorial event of the Hungarian National Day in Medgyes/Mediaș.

The participants gathered in the Hungarian Unitarian Church and then in the Millennium House of the local Hungarian community to remember the revolutionaries and the events of the 1848-49 Revolution. The RMDSZ MEP outlined in his festive speech: “It’s not enough that today we can live free. Our future depends on living in a responsible freedom: not only seizing the moment, but also thinking on the future and realizing that our freedom is complete only if our fellows can share it. It’s in our interest to live in peace and that everyone around us can enjoy a responsible freedom.”

As part of the memorial event, the Hungarian Art Nouveau Architecture in Europe exhibition was also presented to the public. The panels started off from Brussels where they were exhibited first. “The exhibition was developed to draw attention to the protection of our built heritage and to prove that Hungarians created architectural values that make Europe proud”, opened Csaba Sógor the event in the Millennium House.