Csaba Sógor: Minority Safepack aims to achieve mandatory minority protection regulations in member states


Csaba Sógor thinks the situation of national minorities doesn’t draw enough attention because most of Western European countries have already settled majority-minority relations: there are acting conflict solving mechanisms, as well as several types of autonomies that ensure maintaining the identity of minorities.

The RMDSZ MEP talked about this topic on 12 February in Zilah, Romania, on an event organized by EMKE (Hungarian Cultural Association in Romania) vice-president, Éva Hegyi Lakóné. In his presentation entitled Minority protection in the European Union Csaba Sógor explained: unfortunately there are some member states that didn’t reach a consensus between the majority and the minority and there’s a lack of institutions that facilitate dialogue! Which means that there is no institutional framework to discuss minority issues. “We experience distrust and constant tension in Romania out of similar motives” - said the MEP. According to Sógor, Minority Safepack could be a great tool to start a debate across member states about the specific, but common issues of national minorities.