The RMDSZ organization of Cluj region held its delegate assembly in Izvorul Crișului


The 2017 annual RMDSZ delegate assembly of Cluj region was held in Izvorul Crișului/Körösfő on 25 November. “Three years ago I welcomed you as a newly elected local RMDSZ president, now I stand in front of you as a mayor. I trust that this assembly would be useful for all of us as we advance” said László Bódis.

Csaba Sógor, RMDSZ MEP briefed the delegates on his activity in Brussels. He explained that even though there are calls for the diminishing EU structural funds in the new programming period, RMDSZ represents in the European Parliament the view that development funds are much needed after 2020, too. “We are still not effective enough in applying for funds, but in a lot of other areas Romania is also at the end of the queue. The European Parliament sends a lot of warnings to the country, these should be taken more seriously”, stated the MEP.

Referring to the 2018 centenary of the Great Union of Romania, Sógor said that provocations can be expected, but Hungarians should be able to deal with these calmly and show their openness to dialogue. He also reminded delegates that Hungarians of Romania, and European minorities in general have a particular duty: to raise 1 million signatures for minority protection in the Minority Safepack campaign. “The signatures prove our strength and raise awareness of our problems” encouraged Csaba Sógor the assembly delegates of Cluj region.