The Ecumenical Retirement Home in Locodeni/ Lókod celebrates its 25th anniversary


25 years ago the Rozália Kiss Ecunemical Retirement Home started as a unique establishment in Locodeni/Lókod. The role of the retirement home is still very important in the area, like 25 years ago, said Csaba Sógor on the 7th of October. The MEP celebrated the anniversary with the village community. 

It started with the dream of Rozália Kiss, the wife of the Unitarian minister serving in the village of Chinușu/Kénos. Plans were made, then György and Catherine Gyarmathy, who lived in Switzerland, helped with fundraising. They helped realize the dream of the retirement home. Catherine Gyarmathy continued to support the initiative even after the death of her husband. On the celebration she presented the most important events since the opening of the establishment.

As part of the programme, the Unitarian bishop Ferenc Bálint-Benczédi led a sermon, then a wreath was placed to the memorial plaque of Rozália Kiss and the memorial column of György Gyarmathy, honoring their exemplary support.