The Sapientia University awarded the Honorary Faculty Council Member Title to Csaba Sógor


The Honorary Faculty Council Member Title was offered to Csaba Sógor by the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca. The MEP of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) has long supported university students by offering different scholarships, traineeship opportunities at the European Parliament and study visits in Brussels.

The Sapientia EMTE University from Cluj-Napoca held its opening ceremony on Tuesday, on the 19th of September. This year, one hundred students started their studies at the institution, which offers four types of B.A. degrees and four Master’s degree programs. During the opening ceremony the university representatives honored Szilágyi Pál, the former rector of the institution and, for the second time in the history of the university, awarded the Honorary Faculty Council Member Title, this time to Csaba Sógor. 

According to the regulation of the Faculty Council, the Honorary Faculty Council Member Title can be awarded to those Romanian or foreign personalities, who are not university staff, but have got involved in organizational, academic or art activities, offered material or moral support, donation, tangible assets for the interests of the university, have organized important activities, helped the university and the development of the academic research in order to increase the standards of the university, and strengthen the students’ living conditions. 

The vice president of the university - Dr. Dezső Szenkovics - summed up the most important steps of Csaba Sógor’s career. He noted the following: “The person we honored today fully deserves the present title. When the changed his priest robe to political suit and tie, he decided to serve a community far larger than protestant community from Csíkcsicsó:  the whole Hungarian Community from Transylvania.’’

Csaba Sógor, as member of the European Parliament from the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), thankful for the honor,  declared that during his political activity has always felt he had to be a sort of ,,professor’’ as well, contributing to increase the professional development  of the Hungarian youth from Transylvania. 

The MEP of RMDSZ quoted the words written 50 years ago by inventor Dénes Gábor. According to his words, nowadays we have to face three big challenges: the nuclear devastations, the danger of overpopulation and the consequences of boredom caused by misspent free time. “This institution and this city will not let you get bored. Your moral and social development is assured here’’, he said, adding as a thought on the future: in this troubled world my advice to all of you is to remain moderate, sober-minded and humble people.