Evangelical Church offered MEP Csaba Sógor the Járosi Andor Award


The diocese of the Romanian Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Brassó held its Annual General Meeting on 26 May in Halmágy, where Bishop Dezső Zoltán Adorjáni offered MEP Csaba Sógor the Járosi Andor Award.

The General Meeting in Halmágy started with a church service, where Dezső Zoltán Adorjáni spoke about the importance of living an authentic Christian life. He stated that in the 21st century, this could be life-saving, healing, reconstructing and saving.

On the church service bishop József Zelenák introduced the elected officers of the Presbytery, after which the Járosi Andor Award ceremony started. The prize was given to Csaba Sógor for his activity for maintaining, strengthening and developing the Hungarian churches and the Hungarian community in Transylvania.

Csaba Sógor expressed his gratitude for the acknowledgment, stating that one of his primary missions is to represent the Christian legacy. He emphasized that nowadays Christian people’s presence in the field of politics and public life is getting more and more important.  Also, he thanked the Evangelical Church for its cooperation in organizing the European Dialogs event series which brought 10 MEPs to Transylvania who acquired more information on the current situation of the Hungarian community in Transylvania.